Home News Circleville OH- Police Locate Elderly Woman with Dementia

Circleville OH- Police Locate Elderly Woman with Dementia


Circleville OH- On April 06, 2020 at 1420 hours, the Circleville Police Department Communication Center received a report of a missing female that had dementia. It was reported the female was last seen at 23455 US Rt 232, Aldi. Due to the communications officer being able to obtain all the pertinent information about the female Circleville Police Officers were able to look for the female immediately. Upon Circleville Police Officers and Detectives arriving in the area they discovered the female was last seen in a vehicle 45 minutes prior to receiving the call.

Due to the quick action and response by all involved the female was located within less than 30 minutes at McDonalds. The female was in good health and was checked by the Circleville Fire Department. We would like to thank all agencies for their assistance while looking for the female. The Circleville Police Department may not have had this success story if we have not had the assistance of all other agencies involved.