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Circleville We Need Your Help Identifying a Hit and Run Subject


CIRCLEVILLE – We need Circleville help in finding a car that was involved in a hit and run lat night January 29, 2019.  Police are investigating and looking for a Red Thunderbird with heavy front end damage that hit a parked truck on Walnut Street last night.

According to Neighbors on Walnut Street they heard a loud bang outside while watching a movie around 3 am in the morning and when one neighbor went outside he saw the Thunderbird leaving the scene and traveling North on Clinton Street.  The police were called and responded quickly but somehow the car eluded police and was last seen by Pickaway County Transport Van at the intersection of at Ohio and Clinton streets.

Neighbors said,” Circleville keep your eye out for a RED Thunderbird car with major front passenger side damage. All the front corner plastic would be broke and probably the hood and radiator destroyed, leaking fluid and leaving a trail. Happened at 3:30 am this morning my neighbors truck was rear ended and moved forward about 10 feet onto my property while parked on Walnut St.”

“An antifreeze fluid trail left the scene so they were surprised if he got far.  Neighbors said they have seen the Thunderbird before in the area.”

Video footage shows the accident happening and the driver pushing the parked truck out of the way as he escapes. The Second video is just before the accident as the driver of the Thunderbird was veering out of control down the street.

We are looking for a red Ford Thunderbird with heavy front end damage, if anyone has any information contact Circleville Police department.