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Circleville Man Running 200 Miles Plus Ultra-marathon in Town Right Now


CIRCLEVILLE – A virtual race is going on right now all across the globe, elite runners taking on a serious challenge to see who can run the furthest in a continuous run.

Set up during the Quarantine for runners, described on the website as, “Almost every runner out there has had races that were canceled and have been left without goal races in the near future. We do not know when this situation is going to end, and this is a fun way to bring a whole bunch of people together to be able to test their fitness, join a community, and do something together when many people cannot leave their homes. Whether you plan to do one lap, 50 laps, or more, come in and join the fun!”

The set up is easy, you must run a 4.166667-loop every hour until no one is left. Rules are runners must be on the starting line in their area at the beginning of every hour 24 hours a day or drop out. This has been happening around the world since 9 am on Saturday April 4th, wither 2,300 runners. The winner gets the ultimate price The Golden Toilet Paper Roll.

Out of those 2,300 runners only 26 runners remain running 24 hours a day aiming for over 200 miles. Currently at 3 pm the runners have ran 120 miles miles since.

Local ultra-runner Harvey Lewis is still going strong and running two different routes in Circleville one in North Court street and the Roundtown Trail every hour of every day. You’ll see him running.

This isn’t Lewis first ultra-marathons, in 2017 Harvey ran a race called the big backyard ultra which is a similar format. He ran 242 miles 58 hours straight.

Part of the racing strategy, do you try and get your 4.1 miles done quickly so you have more time to rest or do you take it easier on your runs but give yourself less time to recover. Harvey currently takes small naps and rest in-between the mileage, eats and socializes.

Harvey has a good chance to win this event check out his facebook lives during this event and cheer him on.