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Circleville Man Found Guilty of Solicitation



At approximately 4:30 PM on November 1,2017, according to eyewitnesses, plain-clothed Circleville Police Officers apprehended a local man, James W Stangle II, near the intersection of East Main Street and Lancaster Pike in Circleville.

He was booked at the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office, and charged with Soliciting (2907.24), and Loitering to engage in solicitation – beckon to, stop, or attempt to stop. (2907.241(A)(1))

Stangle was one of many apprehended in a Circleville Police department two day “sting” operation.  Chief Baer said, “without the collaboration of other entities Chillicothe, Pickaway Sheriff department, Fairfield Sheriff Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol, and Municipal Probation Department this would not be possible.”

On Tuesday April 19th James Stangle II of Circleville was found guilty of two counts of soliciting prostitution.  Strangle was sentenced to 12 month probation, 40 hours of community service, and monetary fines.