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Circleville High School Announces Senior Graduation Will Be Held Differently but In-Person for 2021

Picture courtesy of Circleville City Schools Website

CIRCLEVILLE – Last year during the Covid-19 pandemic schools who were operating remotely and online had to figure out how to handled 2020 graduation. Some handled them online, some in very small isolated packs, some not at all. This year with the continuation of the pandemic from over a year ago, schools are gearing up for 2021 graduations.

Circleville High school will have a more traditional graduation this year for their 163rd Commencement, but it will look a bit different.

“As for the Class of 2021, these senior Tigers have also seen their fair share of challenges to overcome. They have started in hybrid models, moved to remote learning, and then back to in-person learning as the safety needs have evolved throughout the school year. While we must still be diligent in our mask wearing and social distancing, Circleville High School and the District are pleased to announce that the 163rd Commencement Ceremony will be held in-person, back in our high school gymnasium on Friday, May 28th, 2021 where it has been held since 2014.”

Circleville High school has announced that they will do a split graduation this year to offer students the more traditional graduation while also implementing social distancing.

The 163rd Commencement will be held in split sessions made up of a 5 p.m. ceremony (Last name’s A-J) and a 7 p.m. ceremony (last name’s K-Z).

Providing a split-session graduation will afford each student with the opportunity to invite up to 6 guests to the indoor ceremony.

From a safety discussion, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s indoor entertainment venue order limits the maximum number of patrons permitted in any indoor entertainment venue shall be 25% of fixed, seated capacity. Based on that percentage cap, hosting a split session graduation enables each graduate to have twice as many guests (6) as opposed to only three in a single graduation if all students and families were present at once. Tickets will be available on HomeTown Ticketing starting Friday, April 23rd.