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Circleville High School Announces Graduation Celebration Plans

Picture courtesy of Circleville City Schools Website

CIRCLEVILLE – “Graduation is going to be different this year,” said Mike Dewine during a press conference when he announced that school would not go back into regular session and continue through online sources.

Dewine said that he encouraged local schools to celebrate graduation and other end of the year events online, and left local schools to define that.

“In the weeks since the COVID-29 closures took effect, the district has been working daily, and a lot of times hourly, on how to honor our senior class while keeping people safe. Some of these celebration have included a senior showcase on social media, hosting a Lights On city-wide event,, and hosting our first ever digital prom,” Christ Thorsly Circleville School Principal.

“I am so incredibly proud to have been your principal over the past four years and am excited to commission the 162nd graduation class of Circleville High school in the coming weeks. I know you are bound for great things once you leave here.”

In May Circleville High school will be rolling out several activities for seniors.

  • In the coming weeks Circleville High School will set up a driving year book display for High School Seniors set up on Clark Drive.
  • On May 18th the high school will host the annual senior breakfast in a curbside pick up format at mound street school. Food will be served by Chris Cake’s Catering.
  • On May 20th Circleville High school will host the Night of Excellence ceremony in a digital format. Broadcasted from YouTube live the Circleville High school team will announce winners of over 100 scholarships and honors with student photos projected in the background as they are announced.
  • On May 21st Students can come in by appointment for their schedules on-stage graduation photo.
  • May 22 at 4 pm prior to the online graduation Circleville High School will host a Graduation Parade where students will wear cap and gown and travel a pre planned route around the city escorted by Circleville City Police. Administration encourage people to come to the parade route, maintain social distancing and cheer on the class of 2020.
  • May 22 7 pm Circleville High school will host the 162 commencement of graduation in a digital format on Youtube live. The High School is working with Health officials for small family groups to come to the high school and take photos, and receive diplomas.

“2020 has been a challenging year as we all do our part to keep families and our loved ones around us safe. Despite these challenges, our resolve remains unwavering to provide the Class of 2020 with a memorable end to the senior year in the safest way possible complete with stage photos from our gymnasium.”