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Circleville Firefighters Promote Two From Within


CIRCLEVILLE – Today December 19,2018 Circleville Fire Department promoted from within two firefighter to the ranks of Lieutenant and Captain.

Former Lieutenant Scott Cavanaugh was promoted today to Captain rank.  Cavanaugh has been serving as a acting captain for several months now so he said not much will change other than the official title.  According to Cavanaugh most of the responsibilities from Lieutenant to Captain are mostly the same, he will be in charge of his own shift, but operationally most shifts run the same because of overlap.

“Ive lived most of my life here and grown up in this community, so its a honor to serve my community.”  Cavanaugh said he was home schooled and has continued that practice with his 8 kids.  He is happily married for 21 years and is busy in his off time with helping with school, basketball practice and chasing his 3 year old.

Firefighter Shroyer was promoted to Lieutenant underneath Cavanaugh.  Shroyer not only is taking on more responsibilities he also is in charge of the Muscular Dystrophy Fill the boot campaign, Training officer and radio communications.  Shroyer has 3 years at Circleville as a firefighter and 10 years in mechanicsburg.

“Circleville is close to home, I live in Commerical Point with my wife and 3 kiddos. I like the town, I like the people, and I like that different runs we get to go on.  In other departments you could be stuck doing just medic runs, or engine, or tower.  Here you can be on all three during one shift that keeps things interesting.”

Shroyer is in medic school currently and plans to stick around Circleville for some time.  He said he wants to continue to make Circleville better