Home News Circleville Council Hears Proposal of “Potential Sale of Circleville K9 Officer Harry”

Circleville Council Hears Proposal of “Potential Sale of Circleville K9 Officer Harry”


CIRCLEVILLE – Circleville Council Meeting will be holding a special meeting for the “potential sale of Circleville Police Department canine officer Harry.”

According to council a proposal for the sale of Harry was sent by email and will be discussed in a special meeting at 7 pm on Thursday March 26, 2020.

During Council meeting last night several council talked on different issues on why they voted no against the sale of Harry were.

  • Cost of a new K9 vs keeping Harry

During Tuesday meeting discussions of the cost of the dog selling to Pickaway Sheriff for 8,000 dollars (value of Harry), Morningstar offered 10,000 dollars for the dog. The cost of a green dog with training would cost the city around 14,000. Plus the cost of keeping Harry at the kennel and retraining for a total just over 15,000 dollars.

  • Timing of getting a new dog

Circleville Management argued that the training of a new dog would leave the city without a dog until around fall, and that they need a dog on the street ASAP, they argued that Harry could be back on the streets with a new handler as soon as next week.

Pickaway County Sheriff offered K9 help to the city during this transition.

Some arguments of a “green” dog vs buying a trained dog, and using a “green” officer vs using a trained K9 officer.  All these different options have different time frames.

During Tuesdays phone conference council voted down the decision to enter into a agreement to sell K9 Harry to the Sheriffs office 5-2.

The Special Council mtg. was called by Barry Keller, Michelle Blanton and Sheri Theis.

The meeting will be teleconference special meeting, Circleville City Council 7:00  p.m. Thursday March 26, 2020. Due to current statewide health restrictions, council members will participate via teleconference

To listen, visit CGTV, channel 1021, Sciotopost will also have a report.