Home News Cinncinati Company Creates POD to Keep Cicadas off During Heavy Season

Cinncinati Company Creates POD to Keep Cicadas off During Heavy Season

photo: utw pods

CINNCINATI – A Cincinnati company is looking to cash in on the emerging of Brood X cicadas who come out every 17 years.

Lying dormant for 17 years and living off moisture from the tree roots brood X is planning to buzz your 2021 spring in massive numbers.

The cicada will emerge during one of the first warm spring rains, and slowly overtake the area with males attract females with the rapid vibrating of the sides of their abdomen to produce the sound. They will shed their exoskeletons while attaching to branches, mate, lay eggs and die off in about six weeks. The new brood nymphs will then drop down after hatching and burrow underground to start the 17 year cycle again.

Scientist expect to see the bugs around mid may and will buzz constantly until June.

Brood X is considered one of the biggest in the Ohio area, and Biggest in Indiana where some locals are already expecting a “cicada apocalypse.”

Under the weather is introducing a wearable bug-screen called the Walkingpod mesh. The pod easily slips over your body covering your chest and head. Fully breathable and fully enclosed it can protect you from the creepy crawlies of the beetles, which are harmless.

The pod keeps users hands free to work outside without worrying about the bugs landing on them. It also is collapsible and can be stored in your car. But wait there’s more, after the cicada season the pod can be used against other insects also.

The pod costs 89.99 and it is available for preorder now here: https://utwpods.com/collections/wearable-pods/products/walkingpod-mesh