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Chillicothe Police Change the Way they Handle Crime Due to COVID-19


CHILLICOTHE – Chillicothe police are changing the way they handle crime to lessen the exposure of COVID-19 to its officers in an attempt to keep officers healthy and out of quarantine. One Columbus firefighter has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and because of the viruses contagiousness the entire squad of firefighters was put into quarantine. Heres these statement.

Beginning at 7am, CPD will be taking measures to decrease exposure to the COVID-19 virus, flu and cold. This is to keep our officers healthy so that they can continue manning the streets.
Effective at 7am Monday morning, we will begin telephone reporting. **we will continue responding to crimes in progress, crimes and situations requiring an officer response and we will continue active patrols.**
Calls that will be handled by telephone will include but not limited to:
Property crimes (misdemeanor theft, criminal mischief, etc. ) with no suspect; telephone harassment; extra patrol requests, or if the complainant wants to make any report over the phone that does not require an officer be present.
Records will be closed. All public records requests should be forwarded to records clerks at
Mica.kinzer@chillicotheoh.gov or Emma.moore@chillicotheoh.gov.
Please be patient on the turnaround time of the request.
**If you request an officer respond to you, please make every attempt to meet the officer outside.
Again, we will continue to actively patrol the city streets.