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Chillicothe OH- Man Arrested – Accused of Indecent Exposure Involving a Minor Child


Chillicothe OH- Police were dispatched to a residence on Clay Street in the city in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival the officer observed 48 year old George Stepp sitting on a lawn chair in his front yard and also heard  loud music coming from his residence.

The officer then contacted a visibly disturbed adult female from an adjacent residence. She told the officer at around 11:15pm on 5/24/20 she, and her daughter arrived home and noticed George standing at the rear of his vehicle which was parked on Clay street. She then said as they were exiting their vehicle George shouted “Hey look at this! come here”. She said George was standing in the road with a fully erect penis exposed to her, and her daughter who is 5 years old.

She said George was standing with his arms parallel to the ground and repeatedly shouting for their attention while urinating in the street, hands free and still erect. The woman then rushed her daughter into their residence and began to calm her scared and shaken child.

The officer then contacted George who was still in his chair and observed George to have his pants unbuttoned and partially unzipped, George immediately became belligerent with the officer. The officer also observed a can of alcohol next to George in his chair.

The officer then placed George under arrest and advised him of his Miranda rights to which he said he understood. As the officer was placing handcuffs on George, the officer could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person. The officer also observed George to have red blood-shot eyes and be unsteady on his feet. As the officer conversed with George he continued to be loud and belligerent. The officer then transported George to the RCJ where he became increasingly combative and multiple deputies were called to process George.

George is being charged with an M2 public indecency for exposing himself to a minor and M4 Persistent Disorderly Conduct. George will be held in lieu of bond or his court date of 5/26/20 at 9:00am in the Chillicothe Municipal Court. A CCH was negative for prior convictions of public indecency.