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Cheapest Gas in America is .75 Cents

photo from gasbuddy.com

WISCONSIN – Gas prices have really dropped with oil barrel prices drop to negative less than .00 cents a gallon from barrel prices a month ago of over 50 dollars. Price of gas counties to drop lower and lower, now across Ohio we are seeing gas prices from 20 years ago.

Gas prices in the area average around 1.28 a gallon with Sunoco in Leistville being the cheapest at 1.19, gas is even lower than that in Francis Creek, WI according to Gasbuddy.com

Why is gas so cheap? Several reasons actually, one is obvious COVID-19 pandemic has minimized travel with across the country stay at home orders. Second a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia has driven down prices with both countries flooding the market with oil. Third some gas stations have cut the price to hoping to lure people into the stores, because most gas stations make money selling things like food, snacks, and drinks.

President Trump talked about the price war between the two nations just this week and said he wanted to work out a deal between the petrol giants to keep barrel prices at a normal level.

While those things are getting worked out we are seeing prices from the 90s according to Seth Cassady, “I Never thought I would see this again in my life.” talking about .99 cent gas in a Valero gas station in Kingston, but thats not the only place with under a dollar a gallon gas.

According to Gasbuddy.com the top ten cheapest gas in Ohio from Cleveland to Dayton is all under .99 cents, lowest being .95 cents at Getgo in Warren Ohio.

Whats the price of gas where you are?