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Careful What What Goes in the Toilet: Local Authorities Warn of Flushing the Wrong Thing


OHIO – This information applies at all times, however in light of the current situation the Circleville Department of Utilities and City of Canal Winchester want you to be aware.

“Certain items will cause backup issues for customers. In addition it will also cause backup issues at the pumping stations at the waste water treatment facility,” said City of Circleville.

City of Canal Winchester says similar, “Wipes aren’t ‘flushable’ – even if the package says they are.
Wipes should be thrown in the trash, not the toilet 🚽- they don’t decompose and break down like toilet tissue …they get caught in wastewater treatment plant filters. They cause big messes and sometimes, big expenses, too!”

City of Canal Winchester shared what the inside of a pipe looked like when they replaced it.

  • Wet Wipes clog pipes, never flush disposable wipes down the toilet unless they are “flushable” wipes.
  • Personal hygiene products make sure these go into the trash not the toilet as they also can cause backups. Dental floss, cotton balls/swabs, and feminine hygiene products should be trashed not flushed.
  • Medications medicines once dissolved in water theres no getting that out of the water. Look for medicine drop off locations or destroy the medicines and place it in the garbage.
  • Cat Litter does not go in the toilet please dispose of it in the trash.

Paper towels another item in the toilet paper shortage, towels are tough for cleaning but they are also tough on our pipes toss them in the garbage dont flush them.