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Cardos Pizza Releases Sketches of New Pizza/Car Wash Location


CIRCLEVILLE – Cardos Pizza has announced that it has found a new location after “irreconcilable issues” with building owner at their previous location on Lancaster Pike.

According to an online post, the company has found a new location at the corner of 909 South Court Street in Circleville. The company said that they have some remodeling to do to the structure, and do not have an open time yet.

It wasn’t apparent until last night’s BZA meeting on what Cardos was going to do with the current car wash structure, but the company plans to operate the pizza business with the car wash.

Documents released during the meeting shows a new pizza shop that will connect with the current south court car wash structure. The location will be completely remodeled, have dine in seating, and a drive thru off Harrison Street.

The dine in area will house about 25 people, and the location will keep three of the four car was bays including the large super bay for bigger vehicles.

Currently Cardos is waiting for approval through the BZA for variance applications.

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