Home News Bring Harry Home, K9 Group Brings New Offer to Circleville Council

Bring Harry Home, K9 Group Brings New Offer to Circleville Council


CIRCLEVILLE – After being denied transfer of sale to Pickaway Sheriff on Tuesday the bring Harry Home group makes a new agreement to settle the arguments Circleville City Council had on Selling the K9 to the Sheriff and ultimately to the Morningstar Family.

According to the Jami Whalen of the Bring Harry Home Group a new offer has been negotiated that takes care of the two major issues council had when they voted 5-2 to keep K9 Harry in the city.

One of those issues was the cost of a new K9 for replacement, originally the county and the group was offering 10,000 dollars to replace the K9, and according to council that cost actually was 8,000 because that is the actual worth of the dog. The Harry group is now offering up to 20,000 dollars with 8,000 dollars coming from Pickaway Sheriff an 12,000 dollars coming from personal donations.

Bring Harry home group also offered to pay the current kenneling valued at 1,375 dollars according to Katie Logan Hedges during tuesday nights council meeting.

Another stipulation that forced the hand of Circleville City Council to vote no was the time it would take to get a new K9 on the streets of Circleivlle. On Tuesday the K9 trainers told Katie Logan Hedges that to get a new k9 trained and on the streets of Circleville would take up to 6 months, now a deal has been made that dog could be ready in 6-8 weeks by the Harry Group satisfying Councils complaints.

Since this new offer was made Circleville City Council has announced a special Teleconference Circleville City Council Mtg, Thursday March 26th at 7:00 pm to discuss the new deal. The cities law director will be at the meeting to look at the possible contract and see if the new deal is legal to send K9 harry home.