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Update: Water Rescue for Canine in Buckeye Lake


FAIRFEILD – A canine rescue has been launched for Fairfield first responders on the ice of Buckeye lake around 3:30 pm on 2/27/21.

According to Dispatch boat and emergency, water response has been sent to the scene at Rosewood and Lakeshore drive on Buckeye lake in Fairfield County.

When emergency services landed at the scene they found the dog about 100 yards from shore in the water, and family members of the dog on the ice attempted a rescue.


This afternoon 11 personnel with the assistance from Thorn Township Fire & EMS Sq292, Refugee-Canyon Joint Fire District E351 and Chief 350 were dispatched to Fairfield Beach in the the area of the park on a dog through the ICE. The dog was located approximately 100 yards off shore.

Rescue Personnel arrived on scene 15:36 hours, hauled equipment to the closest land point and made entry at 15:44. They successfully rescued the dog and off the ice by 15:52. 16 minutes from on scene to dressed, rigged and successful rescue.

Thank you to our dedicated members and mutual aid departments for their assistance!