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BREAKING: Vinton County Fair Cancels 2020 Fair


VINTON – Vinton county agricultural society voted on May 21, 2020 to cancel the 2020 Vinton County Fair.

The society said this was due to increased cost of operations and new mandates that it was not financially feasible to operate the fair. They have put into place a plan to contact buyers and offer participants the ability to complete their market projects, a two minute video of the project.

“We are aware of the difficult situation this puts all members in and are truly sorry for the impact that this has created. We plan to make the 2021 Vinton County Fair better through use of the resources that they currently have to save for future Vinton County Junior Fairs. ”

Earlier today Franklin County Fair was also cancelled:http://www.sciotopost.com/breaking-ohio-state-fair-cancels-events/