Home News Breaking News: Londonderry Murder Suspect Charged

Breaking News: Londonderry Murder Suspect Charged


ROSS – Sheriff Lavender reported a month ago that the investigation into the multiple Homicides that occurred in the Londonderry area on February 4th, 2019, continues to be ongoing.

There was potential suspect who is the focus of the investigation at this point in time. That individual is currently incarcerated here in the State of Ohio on an unrelated matter.

James Rinehart Jr who has been held in jail on a unrelated charge since Febuary 5, has now officially been charged with the Londonderry murders.  16 Felony counts including 7 counts of Aggravated Murder, two counts Kidnapping, Four counts of Aggravated Robbery, one count of attempted murder, and Rape.

Rinehart has a extensive criminal background and has served a lot of time behind bars already.  Family members tell of a relationship between him and the victims with some moving work he had done for them, and knows ex-husband Larry Potts.


On Febuary 4, 2019 Four people were brutially attacked in two different residents.  The two victims from the Vigo Road residence were Rick Adams and One other victim. Leann Potts and Thomas Littler both were killed at Bowman Road residence. Rick Adams died in a Columbus Hospital a day later, and one person survived.

Court records indicate that Rinehart lived at 3782 Vigo road just a short distance away from one of the homes and both locations of the attack were miles away from each other, and over a hundred homes were passed on the way from one to another. Ross County police in a press release said that these crimes appear to be related.

Currently Ross County Sheriffs office, US 23 Major Crimes Force, Ohio B.C.I. &I, Bureau of Criminal Investigations, and Attorney General Dave Yost are working around the clock to solve this crime and achieve justice. According to a press release from Ross County Sheriff investigators have executed multiple search warrants, and conducted multiple interviews.