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Ashville City Asks Residents to Conserve Water Because of a Outage


ASHVILLE – The city of Ashville is asking for residents to conserve water throughout the town so that the city can get water levels up to normal levels. It is also important to know that the water is safe for drinking but may have increased hardness and possibly darker colored water that may stain light colored clothes so the city is suggesting not to wash those clothes until the water gets back to normal.

Here is the press release from Jim Welsh, Chief and Licensed Water Operator

Last night the power was disrupted to our main well. That power has been restored. The disruption has resulted in a drop in the water tower levels. We are now restoring those levels. As a precautionary measure we are asking for a voluntary conservation of water advisory.

The Village has 550,000 gallons in elevated storage and the past 12 months average daily flow has been 410,000 gallons. The Village has just over one (1) day of storage. During this conservation advisory the village will be refilling the towers and providing needed water for the village. To assist us in this process we ask that residents decrease their use of water until Monday, April 15th. This will give the pumps enough time to refill the towers.

During this advisory we discourage the washing of cars. Additional steps that the average person can take to help include:

Taking shorter showers;
Turning off the water when shaving or brushing teeth;
Fixing leaky faucets or toilets;
Delay or use only full loads when washing clothes or dishes;
Using water-saving showerheads & faucets and toilets.
We want to reemphasize the water is safe for drinking purposes. You may as a result of the outage experience increased hardness and darker colored water (rust (iron) particles from the inside of water mains). Rust will stain light colored laundry. Please be sure that both your cold and hot water are rust-free before you launder any whites. In the event that such staining occurs, there is a remedy. Most grocery and hardware stores carry laundry aids, which remove rust stains. We have a Rust Stain Remover at the office called “Super Iron Out”. If you happen to get this message late, come to 200 East Station if you need to remove iron stain from your clothing.

If there are any changes, you will be notified by our website, Facebook, and/or through radio, TV, and Newspaper.

For more information, residents may contact their Water Department at 614/214-9223 or 740/207-1842.