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ArtsaRound Receives Grant From South Central Power


CIRCLEVILLE – “South Central Power Foundation is proud to award ArtsaRound a 500 dollar grant for the arts project that will benefit the middle and high school students,” said Liz Bainter.

Members of South Central Power Company allow their electric bills to be rounded up to the nearest dollar each month in support of Operation Round Up. Money donated through the program is used to support schools, civic groups, charitable organizations, food pantries, fire departments, youth activities and more in communities throughout the 24-county service territory. Every year, funds are also set aside for scholarships to help graduating high school seniors better afford the cost of college. More than $500,000 is awarded every year. Through this program, a little change from each member leads to big changes in the lives of men, women and children across our service area.

Grants are awarded three times per year, with deadlines of March 30, June 30 and September 30. Scholarship applications are due in February of each year. To apply, complete the application form and submit it to Liz Bainter, community development ambassador.

“ArtsaRound and Pickaway Arts and Life Center were thrilled to be able to offer art enrichment classes at the Pathways School. They asked for our help and our artists stepped up! The artists especially feel honored to be providing this positive program to Pathways students,”¬†Kristen AtrsAround board member.

Trent Patterson, Director of the school, commented that students look forward to and are enjoying their classes. “The Art program has offered a pathway for at-risk students to explore their imagination and discover skills that they did not know that they possessed.¬† Students look forward to participating in the program and enjoy their time with the instructors.”

For more information on how to participate or apply for a grant through the “round up” grant and scholarship program follow the link below:¬†https://www.southcentralpower.com/community/operation-round-up/


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