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ArtsaRound Highlights Local Veteran and 3d Artist



ArtsaRound in partnership with The Pickaway Arts & Life Center would like to proudly introduce the kick off of our Artist Spotlight Series!

If you can dream it, you can PRINT IT!

Meet Gary Harrison, a Father, an ARMY veteran (Patriot of the Year – 2009), a drone operator and a self-taught 3D Printer Artist! In just 2 short years, he was able to teach himself how to build and operate his own 3D printer. And from then on, his passion and potential became limitless!

Gary has been living in Circleville for 4 years, and sees the potential of what 3D printing can bring for our community. Gary found inspiration from videos by Makers Muse (YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMakersMuse ), and researched products from a Columbus manufacturer IC3D Industries. There he was able to take a guided tour, and confirm that he was on the right track. In addition to 3D printing, Gary also operates a drone and sees the potential that technology can bring when assisting 3D printing.

Interesting enough, the drones in addition to VR (virtual reality) technology, can be used in conjunction with one another for larger scale projects. This hand-in-hand use of VR to drones to 3D printing, are just another bonus to working with this technology. We hope to showcase and demo Gary’s drone and 3D printer in the Pickaway Arts & Life Center to open new eyes and fresh minds to the possibilities of this revolutionary technology.

When asked how he envisions his craft being used in the future, his response was not only can we use metals, hard plastics, concrete and other materials for 3D printing, but now it can be used medically! With Bio-Printing, biogel is a material that can be used to recreate human organs. This is a revolutionary advancement in the world of medicine and science, and that’s only the beginning!

Please take a moment to stop out at the Pickaway County Library to see Gary’s work in person. With pieces ranging from 2 to 10 hours to produce, with stunning results, there isn’t much that can’t be printed. For more information, or how you can get in touch with Gary, please reach out to us at ArtsaRound via email [email protected]

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Written By: Jamie Mosley