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Apothocary is Giving Away Buckeye Tickets with a Flu Shot


PICKAWAY – Its that time again, flu season is just around the corner, and your local Apothecary is offering a great give away with your much-needed flu shot.  The early fall season is the perfect time to vaccinate according to Circleville Apothecary.  “It takes about two weeks for your body to be prepared to fight the flu after the virus so getting it early is recommended.  All insurances pay for the shot free of charge now, because insurances know that even though it doesn’t work 100% the cost of getting a flu shot outweighs the costs of lost time at work and cost of hospitalizations.  You need a flu shot every year because the flu virus changes and mutates, experts research which virus strains are most likely to be circulating the United States and they create the flu vaccine based on that research.”

Getting the word out that insurance will pay for the shot, and offering a fun contest is our way of keeping Pickaway County healthy for the upcoming flu season.  We can give a flu shot any time of the day at the Apothecary, and no appointment is needed.  The Apothecary also explained that they are available to do groups at workplaces, retirement homes, and offices.  “Most of the time companies take advantage of group vaccinations because it also saves them money on the insurance end, just call us.”  Circleville Apothecary also said that they are doing house calls at times too.

The Quadrivalent vaccine contains four different strains of the flu virus, and this is to give broader protection during the flu season.  Flu shots are an educated guess on what virus will be shared in the area and using four different strains provides better coverage to that estimate. Both the senior shot and the regular flu shot is available at the Circleville and Ashville Apothecary right now, you do not need an appointment, and most insurances will cover the cost of the vaccine.  It is recommended you get the shot earlier than later, as it takes time for your body to be effective against the virus.

The Circleville Apothecary is located at 1200 North Court Street in Circleville, and the Ashville Apothecary is located at 3400 State Route 752 in Ashville, there are no special hours for the shots they are available if the store is open!