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Annual Report of City Law Director Gary Kenworthy


CIRCLEVILLE – City law director Gary Kenworthy just recently released his 2018 Annual report on cases, complaints, and ordinances that were handled through the Law Directors office.

During 2108 the City Law Directors office reviewed a total of 34 private complaint reports from referrals from various law enforcement agencies for a legal opinion as to there was enough evidence to prosecute criminal violations. 14 bad check complaints were brought through the office by various businesses in the county.

Circleville office prosecuted of all criminal and traffic cases filed county wide in Circleville’s Municipal Court.  A total of 9,517 traffic cases were filed 494 of them were OVI and 1,615 of them were criminal cases. Some of these cases were handled through arraignments and payment with a guilty plea through traffic violations bureau. According to the City of Circleville Law Office a significant number of these cases resulted in the responsibility to conduct a court or jury trial to complete them.

A total of 83 City Ordinances were reviewed and some were drafted and reviewed by the City Law Office.