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Adena Dedicates New Prayer Room With New Adornings

(L-R): Rev. Jason Link, First Presbyterian Church; Pastor Kurtis King, Trinity United Methodist Church; Adena Board of Trustees Chair Virginia Wettersten and Pastor Chris Brown, Tabernacle Baptist Church.

CHILLICOTHE (Dec. 21, 2018) – The Adena Regional Medical Center (ARMC) Emergency Department (ED) has always been a symbol of healing and care for our community members in their time of need. Now, thanks to the special talents of Bernie Evans and Ed Wolfe, and with thanks to Adena’s Corporate Church members, the ARMC ED Family Prayer Room is adorned with two beautifully handcrafted pieces offering emotional and spiritual support.

The Family Prayer Room was officially dedicated on Dec. 19 during a ceremony planned by Adena Chaplains Paul Ray and Bruce Hines. While this space has been in use since the new ED opened in July, the room now includes a stained glass cross art piece made by Evans, and a kneeling prayer alter, crafted by Wolfe. Both pieces are one-of-a-kind works, specifically made for Adena’s ED Family Prayer Room.

Stained glass artist Bernie Evans and kneeling prayer alter craftsman Ed Wolfe.

“When we were designing this new Emergency Department, there were of course, a lot of things we needed to include to take care of patients. But one thing that was missing in our old ED was an appropriate place to take care of the family members of those most injured or ill and the dying,” said President and CEO Jeff Graham. “The serenity of this space is evident as soon as you walk in the door. It’s important for families to have a place to gather and support one another; now this is possible because of the care and compassion of those people within the churches that formed Adena more than 120 years ago.”

Adena’s nine Corporate Churches raised more than $46 thousand dollars to support the Adena Health Foundation’s ED Capital Campaign “Give to Growth,” which included naming sponsorship of the Family Prayer Room.

“So many times before this room we would be locked in to nothing more than a broom closet, trying to serve entire families,” explained Hines. “This new space gives our staff another tool to work with families, and we are just so appreciative. This is one of those rooms you hate to use, but are sure glad it is here when you do.”

Wolfe, who estimates spending close to 50 hours crafting the kneeling prayer alter added, “I was up at the Cleveland Clinic a while ago, and I was walking around trying to find a chapel where I could kneel down. I walked around forever and couldn’t find a space. I finally ended up just finding a corner of the lobby and praying on a chair. When Bruce approached me about doing a kneeling alter for the Family Prayer Room, I thought about that time I was looking for a place to pray, so how could I say ‘no?’”

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