Home News Accident on 104 Sends One to Hospital

Accident on 104 Sends One to Hospital


PICKAWAY – An accident occurred today around the intersection of 104 and Canal Rd. around 3:30 today April 23, 2019 sending one person to the hospital with injuries.

According to Pickaway County Sheriffs, Shawn Lambert of Chillicothe was heading Northbound on 104 in a Red Chevy Colorado with Trailer and went left of center striking a tan Plymouth Breeze driven by Jack Harold, also from Chillicothe who was driving Southbound on 104.   The accident caused heavy damage to the Plymouths driver side and it broke the trailer off of the Chevy truck.

Harold was transported with passenger (no injuries to passenger) to Berger Medical Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, Lambert was uninjured.  Sheriffs said that all people in the incident were wearing seatbelts and Lambert was charged with the accident.

Pickaway Sheriff, Pickaway Township EMT/Fire, and Williamsport EMT were on scene.




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