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9-Year-Old Boy Donates Over 6 Full Shopping Carts of Food to Local Organization for His Birthday


CIRCLEVILLE – Local boy made his donation on his birthday this week over 6 full food carts were donated this year, just ahead of the need.

Kyler a local Circleville boy has personally decided not to receive any birthday presents for himself this year and wants food donations instead to feed the needy, this isn’t the first time he’s done this he’s been doing it since he was five.

Kyler is Nine years old and in 3rd grade. He does wrestling (qualified for state this previous weekend). He also plays baseball, soccer, and basketball. His favorite things to do are to play outside with his friends, go on bike rides with his family, and play Fortnite. Kyler is adventurous loves camping outdoors, swimming, and hiking. Sounds like they typical kiddo right?

When Kyler was five years old he heard of his friend doing donations instead of presents and, asked why anyone would want to do that. In explanation his parents explored various reasons why donating can be more empowering than receiving gifts. So Kylar tried it and became his new birthday tradition. That was Five years ago, and every year he makes that choice again.

This year Brad Jacobs at Jacobs Insurance Services LLC has graciously volunteered to be a drop off location for Kyler’s food drive.