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Gov. Dewine Says State Fairs are a Go this Year


OHIO – Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine said that he anticipates that the state will have full county fairs this year.

Dewine said today, they they are working on guidelines for fairs. In February he said, “There is still work to be done to finalize the plan we presented but he indicated that this is moving quickly and those guidelines will be out shortly.”

Today he reemphasized that statement saying, “his year, we anticipate we’ll be able to have full county fairs. Later today we’ll be issuing updated guidance with just some limitations. It’s possible that by the time we get to fair season we may be off the health orders if things continue to go well.”

Last year most county fairs cancelled or were dramatically changed due to the pandemic.

Dewine said during press conference that it is possible that by the time fair season rolls around all heath orders could be lifted.