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UPDATE: Teenager Dies from Home Invasion Robbery by Other Teenagers


Lancaster OH- Lancaster Police now say that the 16-year old has died in the Lancaster shooting that occurred yesterday.

A video circulating on social media shows four suspects walk towards an apartment located in the 1100 block of East Locust St, when one of them opens the apartment door, says something while walking in and opens fire.

According to the Lancaster Police department, three of the people involved in the shooting were teenagers. All four have been identified and are currently under arrest the one adult that name can be released at this time is Brandon McNally, 21 from Lancaster he is being held in Fairfield County Jail. The three other teenagers are behind held at the Muli-county juvenile detention center, all have been charged with aggravated robbery.

In a statement from Lancaster police, they are investigating the incident as a robbery, and now that the victim has died more charges are likely.

The teenage male who was shot was flown to Children’s hospital and is now reported that has passed away from those injuries.

Police say an unknown amount of marijuana and cash was stolen from the home.

Lancaster police department released the following statement

We are as shocked as you that this senseless violence happened in our town and horrified to find out that teenagers were involved. Our thoughts and prayers are with the shooting victim and his family. Yesterday will change their lives forever.

Our detectives, who started their day yesterday at 8:00 am, worked through the night hoping to get all the subjects involved into our custody. They accomplished that goal. The Lancaster Police Department would like to thank all the members of the public that called us with information and helped out during the investigation. That public support and your willingness to help us is a major reason the Lancaster Police Department can be successful in our mission.

We will update the status of the situation as more information is made available. Out of respect for the family and friends of the young man, Scioto Post did NOT share the video.