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Two New Holland Ex-Chiefs, One Car, One Incident, Two Different Outcomes In Criminal Trespassing


CIRCLEVILLE – Two cases were heard yesterday January 23, 2019 at the Circleville Municipal Court, both cases ex-police Chiefs of New Holland, same incident, both were in the same car when charged, One guilty one Not Guilty.

On May 18th, according to police reports, a neighbor noticed that New Holland law enforcement was parked on Francis’ private property, despite statements made during a Village meeting that she did not want the police chief, Jason Lawless, on her property. During the incident, words were exchanged between the neighbor, Christopher Strickland, and New Holland Police Chief Jason Lawless that led to the Pickaway County Sheriff’s deputy to remove Strickland from the situation.

Francis’ requested the New Holland law enforcement to leave, which was refused, resulting in the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Department responding to the incident in a case of jurisdiction-against-jurisdiction. According to the report, Chief Lawless was posted on the property to overwatch the Pettit’s Market due to possible drug activity which involved the county-wide Drug Task Force. The Pickaway deputy advised New Holland’s law enforcement that they needed to obtain permission from the property owner before involving situating a law enforcement vehicle on the property. This resulted in Ex-Chief Lawless being charged in the court filing, along with a secondary officer, and Former Chief of New Holland also, David Conrad who is also Ex-County EMA Director, with Criminal Trespassing.

David Conrad yesterday plead “No Contest” and waved his rights to a trial for the criminal trespassing charges and received a 25 dollar fine, and record of the crime.

Jason “William” Lawless was deliberated in court by a jury trial and was found “Not Guilty” and freed of the charge.

Lawless said in a phone conversation, “The absurd, most ridiculous, most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard of in my entire life in the law enforcement world” and that they were in the process of preparing to arrest a drug trafficker until the operation was derailed by the incident.”