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Trump Toilet Brush on Back Order Due to Popularity


USA – A toilet brush depicting the current president Donald Trump is selling out on ETSY.  Defined as the Commander in Crap on the Etsy webpage, it also says “Make toilet great again,” a parody of Trumps “Make America Great Again Slogan.”

Price is pretty high at 23.50 for this iconic toilet brush, but supply and demand are part of America’s business model, and they seem to have no issues selling out.  According to the post, “NOTE: DUE TO THE OVERWHELMING RESPONSE WE HAVE RECEIVED WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING AT A 6-8 WEEK ARRIVAL TIME FOR ORDERS PLACED AFTER 8AM PACIFIC TIME on NOVEMBER 15th.”

This season it seems like parody items of Trump are high on the Christmas lists.  Original Etsy Posting here.

Earlier this week we posted another popular Trump item a Lego-like Trump wall check it out here. 


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