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“The Market” Does Not Work for Health Care

Opinion Contributed by Brad Cotton There is a reason Republicans failed to pass a free-market based health care plan that works. There never has been,...

Marsy’s Law for Ohio LTE

As a dedicated husband whose wife lost her 33 year old brother to a drunk drivers negligence in 1993 I have seen all too...

Literally Hitler – But For How Long?

Controversy is beginning to surround the roads and a cemetery named after the Hitlers. Will anyone take action over it?

Journey To Recovery – Mom and Son Cycling to Washington D.C.

Originally published 8/14/2017 and updated 8/17/2017 on IN THE NEWS - ROSS AND SURROUNDING by Sheri Lyn Bice In The News would like to take this opportunity...

Man Plays Golf Behind KFC in Circleville, Worries Residents

CIRCLEVILLE The Scioto Post received a message from a concerned county worker regarding a potential situation in Circleville. The concerned worker sent us word that...
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