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Senior Flu Shots, What’s the Difference?


PICKAWAY – As fall approaches so does the dreaded flu season.  One of the simplest ways of preventing illness is getting a yearly flu shot.  Things have changed a little bit in the flu shot world, and there is now a different shot directly aimed at Seniors.  I asked our local Circleville/Ashville Apothecary what the difference is?

“Seniors are in a high-risk group for severe flu, hospitalization, and death due to flu complications like pneumonia. The Fluad Vaccine is aimed towards boosting the immune system by providing more of a naturally occurring substance in your body called adjuvant squalene (MF59), and give seniors extra to fight off flu during the season.”

Fluad has a extra adjuvant Squalene a natural substance already found in your body that helps seniors to boost immune response

The Apothecary explained that its recommended to get a flu shot every year, as flu viruses mutate and experts research what flu strains are more prevalent from year to year. So you need a new flu shot filled with new strains of virus, so your body is better prepared for the upcoming season.  They also recommend you get the shot sooner than later because supply can run out, and it takes 14 days for the bodies immunity to build up and become effective against the flu virus.

“We have never had a senior pay for the flu shot, all insurances cover it,” said Circleville Apothecary.  “We can give the shots at the Apothecary, we can come to your home, and we do group shots at workplaces or retirement homes, feel free to call and ask how we can assist. Sometimes insurances give a discount for group immunities.”

“No one notices when the flu shot is effective other than they just haven’t had the flu.  It is true that the flu shot isn’t 100% guaranteed you are not going to get the flu, but it has been proven to reduce the symptoms.  The flu shot is made up of strains of viruses that are studied to be common across the US.  Sometimes a rare strain will get passed around at work or school and make you ill.  The good thing is getting the flu vaccine will help with a lot of the symptoms even if you do get sick, so it is not as extreme.”

Both the senior shot and the regular flu shot is available at the Circleville and Ashville Apothecary right now, you do not need an appointment, and most insurances will cover the cost of the vaccine.  It is recommended you get the shot earlier than later, as it takes time for your body to be effective against the virus.  The Circleville Apothecary is located at 1200 North Court Street in Circleville, and the Ashville Apothecary is located at 3400 State Route 752 in Ashville, there are no special hours for the shots they are available if the store is open!

Circleville and Ashville Apothocary are running a contest to give away buckeye tickets, all you need to do is get your flu shot before September 26 at one of their locations to be entered to win!

FLUAD® (Influenza Vaccine, Adjuvanted)

  • FLUAD received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on November 2015 and is the first and only adjuvanted seasonal influenza vaccine in the U.S. for adults aged 65 and older.12
  • Age-related decreases in immune function may cause traditional flu vaccines to be less effective in adults 65+. Adults 65 years and older may be less able to fight infection, develop sufficient protective immune responses or generate immunological memory for future protection.12
  • FLUAD contains an immune-enhancing adjuvant MF59® thought to boost the immune response.6,12
  • In a large pivotal trial, FLUAD elicited strong immune response in adults aged 65+ and has a demonstrated safety profile.6
  • The vaccine has an extensive clinical heritage, with more than 102 million doses distributed worldwide since 1997 and licensure in 29 countries.13