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Seeking the Witnesses on 23 Accident to Say Thank You


PICKAWAY COUNTY –   On February 23, 2019 a terrible accident happened on 23 Northbound just before 361.  A man named Christopher Campbell was hit by a car while he was outside his vehicle on the highway.  Campbell passed away from his injuries in route to the hospital.

Mrs. Campbell was in the car when the accident happened and witnessed the tragedy unfold.  Running to the aide of her husband strangers came to her aide and now she is reaching out to find them.

If you could help us find this man, yes, you would be giving her a great gift, said a friend of Campbells in a message to Sciotopost, She just wants to hug him… And tell him thank you. He hugged her on the side of the road while she was trying to find a pulse, and he was the one who screamed at the paramedics when they finally found one. The man though, he asked her name and talked to her and tried to keep her from looking at her husband… This man is the first thing she told me about in the hospital,  about how great it was. How much he helped her on that day.

Campbell thinks he talked to the Pickaway Sheriff and gave his information there but sadly the accident is still under investigation and information is slow to be released until the investigation is finished.

If you know this man or you are this man please feel free to reach out to Sciotopost or one of the writers.  Mrs. Campbell is desperately wanting to talk to you and thank you for your heroism during her tragic event and would like to personally tell you how much you did for her on that terrible day.