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Mother Says Thank You to Safety Forces After Major Accident on Rock Mill Road


Fairfield County – A single car accident occurred in Fairfield County on Rock Mill Road around 10 pm on Thursday, June 13, 2019.

According to the police report, Brenton Ross lost control of his pick up truck and hit a culvert that sent the truck into the air, it flipped onto the driver’s side of the truck and landed between two trees on the right side of the road.  Brenton was knocked unconscious and suffered significant injuries. The Homeowner heard the crash and when he investigated called 911.  Ross was then transported to Mount Carmel East in critical condition.

According to Rachele Ross, Brenton mom he suffered broken clavicle, fingers, hand, some road rash, but she says he’s home and recuperating, and that’s where the mom says she’s blessed.

She says she wants to thank the safety forces for helping her son in his time of need. “I just wanted to THANK the people involved in making sure our son got the quick help he needed. My eldest. My heart song. I don’t know how he climbed out and walked away from this, but I am a believer and know that there is no way he wasn’t being protected.”

“I am eternally indebted to you. I will thank you and pray for you and yours every day for the rest of my life. OUR WHOLE FAMILY THANKS YOU! To the HOMEOWNER, thank you, again, for your huge part in this. Thank you for having the thought that, the noise you heard wasn’t quite right. Thank you for calling for help. Thank you for praying for him right then, and all the times since. Thank you for being so kind.

THANK YOU, to the Bloom Twp Fire Department for your quick response and successful effort to get him to safety. THANK YOU, to the paramedics who cared for his injuries and showed him calm, steady compassion. THANK YOU to the trauma staff at Mt Carmel East.

THANK YOU to the State Hwy Patrol officer who sat with our son at the hospital until we were contacted. Thank you for finding us (His phone was lost in the accident). Last but not Least, THANK YOU to the Towtruck Driver who worked into the night soaking up the gas, moving boulders, shoveling rocks and debris.

I could go on and on. I know none of you and have only met one but, please know you are our HEROES!



  1. I also want to say THANK YOU. In my grandson’s most terrifying moments you were there. You all will be prayed for by many people here in Texas. God bless you.

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