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All Candidates Have Been Confirmed by Board of Elections Here’s The List


CIRCLEVILLE – The Pickaway County Board of Elections has certified the list of candidates today and we will have a primary for Mayor and for Council at large this year.

Currently, Bradly Prickett has claimed he will run for mayor as a independent, and Zack Brooks will run as a independent for a Council at Large seat. Independent Candidates do not have to turn in paperwork until August 7th.

Mayor of Circleville 

Don Mcilroy (R) current mayor, made his 3rd term run known during a rebuttal against raising the mayors pay in council meeting in December of 2018.

Tom Spring (R) Current Circleville Councilman

President of Council

David Crawford (D) David is the current President and is so far running unopposed.

Council at Large

Michelle Blanton (R), currently a council woman at large

Josh Ford (R), Ford gave up his seat in last terms elections and now is back looking for at large

Katie Logan Hedges (R), Currenlty 3rd ward Councilwoman

Tom Klitzka (R), will run for a at large seat.

1st ward 

Jeff Hallinin (R), is currently running unopposed

2nd Ward

Barry Keller (R), Currently 2nd ward Councilmen running for reelection of position

3rd Ward

Todd Brady (R), Currently a At-Large Council running for a Ward Position

4TH Ward

Sheri Theis (R), Currently 4TH ward Councilwoman running for re-election

Law Director

Gary Kenworthy (R), Current Law Director running for re-election


Gayle Spangler (R), Current Auditor running for re-election

Municipal court judge

Elisa Peters

Gary Dumm currently holds this position and will not run earlier this week Dumm stated his desire to retire.  Peters is the only partisan candidate for that role.