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According to International Survey Big Dogs are Better


SANTA BARBARA, Calif – According to a new international survey from RightPet, dog owners say they get more satisfaction owning large dogs than small dogs. This preference is especially true for men and young people.

The study was conducted online between 2010-2018 and surveyed dog breed reviews from 12,167 pet owners from 106 countries.

The RightPet Pet Ownership Study found that:

  • Both women and men are happier owning large dogs than small dogs.
  • Men and younger people are significantly more satisfied with larger breeds and less satisfied with toy and small dogs.
  • Older people (around age 70) are equally satisfied with any dog size.
  • Dog owners with experience owning multiple dogs of different sizes report the greatest satisfaction with large dogs.

Why are dog owners happier with large dogs than small dogs? The RightPet study found a direct correlation between dog size satisfaction and the fact that dog owners rate bigger dogs as more emotionally stable, child-safe, trainable and less-barky than small dogs.

“What our study has found is that large dogs score higher in traits that are really important to most dog owners”, says Brett Hodges, owner/editor at RightPet. “People don’t prefer large dogs per se – they like them because, in general, they’re more even-tempered, trainable and quiet than small dogs – making them ‘best in home.'”

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